Village Chic has a wide range of stunning French Antique & Vintage Armoires available. We import direct from France every 8 weeks, so if you cannot find an Armoire or something is "Sold out" please email us to see whats available in France.

All our antique Armoires can be painted any colour or finish by us just ask for this service which is Free of charge. Or you may wish to have a colour change as something might not be in the right colour for you, just email & tell us to repaint which we charge £50  for a colour change.

We can source any other furniture from French Antiques to Classic reproductions "Looking for Something" just send us details to see if we can help!

Please note: Most of our French Armoires even though Antiques they come in sections for delivery. We offer a full delivery service and can put together for you in your home. 

We hope you find what your looking for Village Chic x



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